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We have served Central Texas since 1983.

Chimney Pro with our Chimney Sweep Services, fire-box crack repairs, crown repairs, replacement, caps, dampers and Dryer Vent Cleaning. We also provide foster care fireplace inspections. Reasonably priced, Fast courteous service and professional customer service.

    We offer professional chimney sweep services to include sweep, repairs to fire-back, crown, chase, cricket construction, roof-jack replacement, minor shingle replacement, fire department required foster-care inspections, air tight and water proof Lyemance damper installation and installation of caps (spark arrestors). 

Chimney Pro cleans dryer vents. Clogged vents prevent clothes drying, overheats the dryer, increases electricity consumption and is a fire hazard.    Dry your clothes faster and without the dampness remaining in the clothes you just dried! Change out the air vent cap that causes lint to clog for a better and more effective cap.

 Commercial Services Available 
     Realty and Property Management companies can use Chimney Pro for Chimney Sweep, Dryer Vent Cleaning, minor shingle repair, construction of crickets, crown or chase repair, fire-back repairs, roof-jack replacement, tree trimming and brush, custom decks and privacy fencing. Set up you company for billing. We will respond to rush jobs for closings and emergencies. We have flexible work hours for your clients.

 We offer inspections for foster care, VA and FHA.

​We work 7 days a week and some holidays.

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    (254) 519-3435

Tommy Thompson and Melba Thompson  

CHIMNEY PRO is the licensed local Central Texas Above Ground Pool Company. We sell and install quality above ground swimming pools, liners, make repairs, build custom decks, privacy fencing and have competitive Credit Union financing available.  

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